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About us

Our ultimate mission is to build the best product you imagine, the best way possible today

Vectar is a tech agency founded in 2016 that is proficient in Web and Mobile application development. We know that the future is in technologies and we are constantly looking for innovative and creative ways of making a use of them in altering the way we live and work.

We’re passionate about our people, our customers, our values and our family-like culture! Our organizational processes are supported by the Agile mindset and we are always eager to learn. We’re also continually looking for people with a growth-oriented mindset and pragmatic insight to solve for today while building for the future. This is one of the reasons why we have an innovative and awesome team, that enjoys solving challenges and having fun along the way.



Web app development

We are fluent in development of high performance web applications using a variety of cutting edge technologies. We build single page applications with their backend APIs but also do server side rendering.

Mobile app development

We are experienced with crafting both native and cross-platform framework mobile applications. We are also creating mobile UNITY experiences.

Game Development

We love having fun but we also love crafting video games. We have broad experience in Unity3D and VR game development.


We can help with designing your apps for the best User Experience and the most beautiful look and feel.

Our Partners

Why work with us

We are a friendly team of qualified professionals that will not just work for you, but become the loyal and happy part of your company, that will transform your ideas into reliable, secure and profitable software solutions.


Vectar LLC business is located in Armenia, a country of huge resources yet to be discovered. Average growth of tech sector in Armenia is 32.6% annually.

Why it is profitable for foreign companies to work with Armenian teams?

  • In our country IT start-ups are fully tax-exempt for 5 years
  • No profit tax and reduced income tax rate is applied to certified startups
  • The total turnover of the IT industry is 559 million U.S. dollars
Partnering with us will ensure you have a pool of high quality Human Resources at your disposal

There are over 15000 highly-experienced, creative, English-speaking, and well-educated specialists countrywide with average annual productivity of USD 48,000 per technical employee.

We invest in STEM education

Armenia has free-of charge platforms where schoolers and students learn coding, design, engineering, robotics and much more. The government is also investing in building innovative digitowns for the constantly growing IT sector.

Contracting with us will be prospective and safe for you

In 2018 IT Sector ensured around $1 bln. revenue in Armenia. The country has one of the most open investment regimes in Eurasia, double taxation and prevention of fiscal evasion treaties with more than 46 countries as well as membership to the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

We are an active member of the world IT community

Armenia is hosting a variety of high-class tech events every year that features such great community members as Dan Abramov, Alexis Ohanyan and Gary Vaynerchuk. In 2019 Yerevan was the center of the IT industry hosting the World Congress on Information Technologies (#WCIT2019) with 2500 delegates from 80+ countries, including the Managing Boards of Google, Facebook, Amazon and many other major companies.

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Our team

Edvard Arakelyan

Edvard Arakelyan


Experienced business entrepreneur. Interests in tech, sales and finance.

Arpy Vanyan

Arpy Vanyan


Senior Software Engineer. Passionate with ReactJS. Interests in IOT, DS/ML/AI.

Vahe Israyelyan

Vahe Israyelyan

3D Expert

Javascript/ThreeJS developer. Interests in WebGL, 3D, VR/AR and game development.

Ani Davtyan

Ani Davtyan

Javascript Ninja

Senior Software Engineer. Passionate with NodeJS. Interests in AI, Big Data, Data Analysis.

Han Solo


Team Mascot

Team idol. Passionate cheerleader. Big dreamer. Talented vocalist.


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We are always open for collaboration and new partnerships and would love to have a chat.

You are welcome to reach out to us at:


Vectar LLC
48/1 Nalbandyan St.
Yerevan 0010


+374 93 257792